5 Ways Car Wash Technology Can Improve Profitability

Increase wash quality and throughput without breaking the bank

Every profit center utilized by a convenience store or petroleum retailer must do what its name suggests – produce a profit. Without profit, what’s the point? Car washes are no different than foodservice or tobacco products; they all must give the customer what they want to ensure they continue to come back for that same satisfied experience.

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From a car wash perspective, ensuring that each customer’s vehicle has received the attention and care necessary for a thorough and satisfying wash will dramatically increase the likelihood of a repeat customer. However, these high standards for washes have created a common misconception that operators will need to empty their wallets to purchase a wash system that offers both the speed and the cleaning efficiency necessary to please their customer base. 

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The fact is that advancements in touch-free washing technology have allowed operators to offer a fast, efficient wash without breaking the bank. There are five distinct ways that advancements in smart in-bay touch-free wash technology can enhance the return on investment:

  • Cleaning System – Today’s advanced in-bay cleaning systems use smart chemical timing and specific arch functions to ensure the wash is performing at maximum efficiency.  Complete coverage and specific application advancements, such as Front Bug Prep, ensure that each customer’s car, regardless of design, will receive a targeted, tactical approach in the most hard-to-clean areas.
  • Drying System – Assuring that each customer’s car is adequately dry post-wash might be associated with a decrease in throughput, but advancements in drying-system technology have led to the creation of rinse systems that perform a final rinse and basic dry in the same operation, all in a single 20-second pass. This feature is often referred to as Flash Dry. This time- and energy-saving technology was developed on the simple theory that it is easier to remove water that is already moving.
  • Arch Control – Arch control is essential in the productivity and efficiency on each vehicle’s wash.  Advancements in arch controls allow for quicker throughput and create customer confidence and comfort throughout the entire wash process.  These arches are able to rotate 360 degrees, optimizing the productivity of the wash process and resulting in a consistent, high quality vehicle wash.  Targeted coverage also means less waste, as chemicals are no longer sprayed on the floor, decreasing lost costs in cleaning supplies.
  • Networking – Modern, easy-to-use Web browser interfaces now allow operators to access a wash system’s key operating functions and reports from the comfort of their own homes.  This capability allows operators to change wash packages, monitor system function and track performance and wash trends, allowing them to keep up with demands of their customer base.  In addition, secure connections permit access through the Internet reducing the need for on-site troubleshooting and allows employees to stay in touch with the operation at all hours via e-mail, text messages and other real-time remote connections.
  • Consumer Experience – In addition to advances in wash quality, these modern wash systems have been designed to give drivers a safe, comfortable and easy-to-use wash experience.  Virtual treadles keep the bay floor unobstructed, eliminating the possibility of damaging vehicles and the wash itself. Bright, simple signage and language-specific audio messages provide clear instructions.  Wash upgrades, from 3X colored foams to super sealants to hi-gloss applications, help separate operators from their competitors, leaving customers with the feeling that the wash system they choose is unique in its wash offerings.

PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., has helped narrow the gap between these wash-goal incongruities with its technologically advanced LaserWash® 360 Plus In-Bay Vehicle Wash System, which incorporates all five of these features. This system features revolutionary Smart 360™ Technology that enables the machine to instantly respond to the dynamic wash conditions in the bay, resulting in faster wash speeds, greater efficiencies and cleaner vehicles.  More specifically, however, the Smart 360 Technology can result in increased wash volumes, improved revenue per wash and reduced costs per car. This equates to a quicker return on investment for the operator.

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