Acumera Teams Up With NPCA on App

Application reduces hardware, installation costs to c-stores on card transactions

AUSTIN, Texas -- Acumera is collaborating with the National Payment Card Association (NPCA) to offer convenience stores an application that the companies say will significantly reduce hardware and installation costs and improve visibility into remote equipment status.

cumera National Payment Card Association (NPCA)

The NPCA app will in many cases eliminate the need for additional payment processing hardware and will enable secure payments using Automated Clearing House (ACH) cards that draw money from consumers' accounts like an electronic check, they said. By using the app, c-stores avoid traditional hardware costs and installation expenses. Reduced costs to the stores also may lead to savings for consumers, they added.

Acumera will develop the NPCA app to run on the Acumera Merchant Gateway and provide NPCA customers with a monitoring service based on the AcuVigil dashboard, which simplifies and speeds remote store support.

"We view this collaboration with Acumera as an opportunity to provide cost savings and improved support and visibility to our convenience store customers," said NPCA COO Danny Portal. "Not only will convenience store operators save on credit card transaction fees, they also can harness the power of live monitoring through Acumera's AcuVigil dashboard."

Implementing the NPCA app will be simpler and more cost effective than a traditional hardware installation, the companies said, saving stores time and money. Acumera and NPCA will work together to serve their existing customers and prospects with this system.

"Like NPCA, we have been providing technology resources to convenience stores for many years, and this partnership allows us to combine our products to offer a superior solution to both new and existing customers," said Acumera's vice president of sales and marketing Tom Yemington. "Not only do store owners save money with the NPCA app, they also gain access to actionable data that will equip them to better manage their operations. It's a win for convenience stores, and it's a win for consumers."

NPCA, based in Coconut Creek, Fla., is a leading provider of brick-and-mortar alternative payment with 77 merchants throughout the United States. NPCA's patent portfolio contains dozens of independent claims for methods of payment and systems for ACH decoupled debit. NPCA is a member of the EFT Network, which is a part of the Electronic Check Council of the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), the rule-making body for all electronic funds transfers made through ACH.

Founded in 2002, Austin, Texas-based Acumera provides Trusted Connection Services to multi-site merchants, specializing in the reduction of headaches caused by network management and security issues. Customers are free to focus on running their businesses because Acumera actively manages their networks and provides visibility and remote management capability. Acumera gets customers' stores, network clients and devices securely connected and keeps them connected. In addition to network status, merchants have real-time insight into key operational measures, such as fuel inventory levels and environmental and food safety temperatures.

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