Asian American C-Store Association Inks DVD Kiosk Deal

Signs 500-unit placement agreement with Public Media Works' subsidiary EntertainmentXpress
TAMPA, Fla. -- The Asian American Convenience Store Association (AACSA) has signed a placement agreement with Public Media Works Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, EntertainmentXpress Inc. for the initial rollout of 500 DVD movie and game kiosks in member-owned convenience stores, hotels, pharmacies and universities across the country.

AACSA has 90,000 primary and affiliate member businesses that collectively do more than $90 billion a year in purchasing, it said.

"With our vast network of locations and connections, we plan to do the same for our new partner, [image-nocss] EntertainmentXpress. We can help them become a formidable player in the DVD kiosk business," said Paul Rock, executive director for AACSA, Tampa, Fla.

He added, "Our initial test market launch will include 500 strategically placed kiosks, and we anticipate rolling out up to 20,000 additional locations over the next three years. Our exponential growth will be further multiplied by the assistance of our sister groups and affiliate organizations such as the Asian American Store Owners Association (AASOA), who command a strong following in their own respective areas."

Some of the brands under the AACSA umbrella include 7-Eleven, Circle K, Stop n Go, Kwik Stop, Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Arco, ampm, CITGO, Clark, Exxon, Mobil, Sinclair, Diamond Oil, Valero, 24 Hour Pharmacy and Clinic, Beverage Castle, Speedway, RaceTrac, Kwik Farm, Convenient Food Mart, ABC Liquor, Dollar General, The Dollar Store, Burger King, Holiday Inn Express, Marriott, Westin, Best Western, Ramada, Starwood, Intercontinental Group, Hilton, Days Inn, Travel Lodge, LaQuinta and over 200 colleges and universities.

The announcement did not say which brands or chains would be adding the kiosks or when.

"We also bring more synergies to the table through our unique relationship with the Paradigm Agency in Beverly Hills," Rock said. "Through their relationships with Paramount, FOX, DreamWorks, Universal and several other studios, we believe we can help EntertainmentXpress obtain direct and exclusive content for their network of kiosks."

He added, "And we have already begun the process of introducing Public Media Works to some of our financial connections and worldwide private investor contacts. We truly believe in this industry and our new partner. And that's why we became a shareholder of Public Media Works. That means we are business partners in the truest sense. And as we help them grow, we will have the opportunity to grow along with them. This will immediately become possible with the help of our largest implementation partner and company, SKYROCK."

EntertainmentXpress, a division of Public Media Works, provides a convenient way for consumers to buy or rent movies, games and other entertainment media through kiosks located in quick-serve food locations, grocery stores, c-stores and other high-traffic, public venues. The company's business plan also includes an out-of-home advertising model with onboard 3D screens (no glasses required) in kiosks that provide its retail partners an opportunity to share in ad revenue as well as in DVD rental and sales revenue.

"As part of our marketing and business development strategy, we focus on the power of developing formalized partnerships with affinity groups where both sides can realize major benefits. AACSA and its member/owners represent a powerful collection of retail store brands that allow us to be represented in prime locations in major markets in strategic geographic locations. And, in turn we share revenue with our retail partners for both DVD movie and game sales and rentals as well as through our digital advertising network," said Bill Zabit, president of Public Media Works, Sausalito, Calif.

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