Cellphone Accessories Not Just a Convenience, but a Necessity

Here’s how cellular accessories can help retailers boost general-merchandise sales
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Convenience stores supply customers with much more than dispensed beverages, cups of coffee or quick meals. They provide a quick product haven for consumers looking to fill a specific need, including automotive parts or tools, over-the-counter medications and personal products such as toothbrushes or bandages. To that end, c-store retailers face a challenge in providing the right, eclectic selection of must-have products for customers on the go.

These product choices can be make-or-break for some businesses, as each square foot of retail space is invaluable real estate. Consumer needs must be met, and profit margins must be maximized.

Cellular phone accessories are one category offering both benefits for retailers. This product category has the potential to be quite profitable as well—retailers can offer the products at prices that offer as much as a 50% retail margin. Additionally, since cellular accessories have a small footprint , they have the potential to deliver a profit-per-square-foot win for convenience stores.

Cellular accessories also fall into the category of must-have items. Busy consumers who find themselves in need of a cell phone charger want to fill that need as soon as they can—without having to wait a few days to order one online or drive out of their way to an electronics store or the mall. For these consumers, convenience stores fill that need. Charging cords, as well as other cellular accessories, are the exact kind of must-have item that should be found in a convenience store.

Associated Distributors, in partnership with Lil’ Drug Store Products, helps retailers meet this key consumer need with the Wavelength® Cellular Accessories line of phone chargers, charge cords and other accessories for cellular devices, available exclusively at convenience stores. For consumers on the go, they’re the perfect solution to a dying phone battery and more—exactly the kinds of products convenience store owners and operators should be considering when using that valuable retail real estate.

Whether someone’s headed out of town and forgot their cord at home, or a family is on vacation and one of the kids lost their earbuds, going without cellular accessories can cause hiccups in otherwise calm times. Customers who are looking for a quick fix to their problem are likely to stop into a convenience store to see if they can pick up what they need. For those customers, finding that new charging cable or set of headphones can really save the day.

Additionally, once consumers walk through the door to purchase that accessory, there’s potential for retailers to drive incremental sales of other products, such as dispensed beverages, hot foodservice items, snacks and more.

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