Convert Fuel Customers to the Store: Responding to Consumers’ New Routines

Convenience store beverage station
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One of the convenience store’s most promising signs of recovery is restored fuel customer conversion rates. While conversion dipped to 38% in April 2020, rates returned to pre-pandemic levels at 50% conversion in Oct. 2020 and have stayed stable since, according to Technomic’s Q2 2021 C-Store Consumer Marketbrief.

Still, increasing in-store foot traffic always bodes well for retail sales—as shoppers browse the aisles or wait in line at checkout, they may add unplanned purchases to their baskets. And as consumers become more comfortable spending time inside the store, c-stores have an opportunity to draw in customers from the forecourt and increase spend as a result.

Elevating the atmosphere

While many c-store shoppers are looking to make a quick trip, a number of factors may increase time spent in the store. Waiting for prepared foodservice is one such occasion: Nearly half of consumers say they usually step inside the store to purchase prepared beverages, and 32% say the same for prepared foods. Others are even choosing to enjoy their meal inside the store as more and more retailers offer seating for customers.

Also, as consumers resume their pre-pandemic routines for commuting to work and school, c-store shopping trips are likely to become more of a family affair for shoppers with kids. According to Technomic’s Sept. 2021 whitepaper, Who Is the New C-Store Foodservice Customer?, 51% of consumers say finding a “kid-friendly” retailer is important to them, and 41% say the same of finding a store with appropriate music.

Whether shoppers are spending more time inside the store to pay for gas, to enjoy a meal or because they have children in tow, making time spent in the c-store enjoyable is key to boosting basket sizes and retaining clientele.

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