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The pandemic has changed—and in some cases, altogether cancelled—some of television’s biggest sporting events, leaving retailers who had counted on gameday sales of food and beverages looking for ways to get creative. Regardless of how consumers enjoy major sports broadcasts in the new year, retailers can distill the excitement of the big game to leverage other fan-favorite television events and boost traffic year-round. Here’s how.   

Pandemic drives TV viewership—and engagement

Across TV genres, the pandemic has boosted television viewership overall. According to Nielsen data, consumers have not only spent more time watching television since the pandemic’s onset—they’ve been talking about it on their social media channels more, too. This means that audiences aren’t just watching more; they’re more engaged in their favorite programs, too.

Importantly, watching television and snacking often go hand in hand. According to Technomic’s 2020 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend report, 65% of consumers typically watch TV while snacking. This gives c-store retailers an opportunity to leverage the excitement of major television events to boost traffic and sales—and c-stores with in-store televisions enjoy a special advantage.

According to a Technomic custom survey in partnership with DIRECTV, most c-store retailers say that in-store televisions create a welcoming environment and encourage consumers to linger in the store and spend more on their purchases. And consumers seem to agree: 53% of c-store shoppers say they want to engage with in-store TVs as part of their shopping experience—a number that’s likely higher as consumers stop in to restock their supply of food and beverages without missing a minute of their favorite show.

Leveraging food and beverage promotions

Beyond offering consumers a way to stay engaged with a major television event as they shop for snacks, in-store TVs can help retailers boost sales with customized food and beverage promotions. In the same way a retailer might promote their foodservice offerings or offer a deal on beer purchases during a major NFL event, they can leverage TV programs across other genres, too.

For the finale of a fan-favorite reality dating show, for example, retailers can promote rose wine during the much-anticipated “final rose” episode. For the multiple reality singing competitions that have received top ratings amid the pandemic, retailers can offer take-and-bake pizzas for families to enjoy together as they watch. Or, retailers can promote the crunchy snacks consumers crave during nail-biting dramas and thrillers. The options are endless and supremely customizable to each c-store’s consumer base—allowing retailers to boost traffic and sales year-round.

In-store televisions give c-stores a way to connect with of all types of shoppers—and DIRECTV for BUSINESS offers solutions for all types of c-store retailers. DIRECTV for BUSINESS offers world-class, industry leading entertainment solutions across genres with high-quality video, 99% reliability and the ability for retailers to create their own brand standard at all locations nationwide. To learn more about how DIRECTV for BUSINESS can help c-stores boost sales amid the pandemic and beyond, click here.

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