A Digital Evolution in Underground Storage Tanks

The U.S. EPA estimates there are 542,000 underground storage tanks (USTs) in the United States that store petroleum products or hazardous substances. Each of these tanks, and the associated equipment,is mandated to be tested regularly to ensure that leaks do not occur. 

Unfortunately, these mandated testing methods have not kept pace with technological advances. Many testing solutions have been used for more than 40 years and are prone to human error. Some methods such as acoustic, pressure decay and pressure over volume testing require the use of an analog device. On top of that, these tests are also time-consuming, with hydrostatic sump testing taking up to six hours per site, in turn resulting in many hours of site downtime. Overall, these old methods are inconvenient, unverified, produce higher risks, lost sales and less profit for fuel retailers. 

If one of these old school methods did not identify a leak, the cost for a convenience store operator to remediate a leak into the soil or groundwater supply can cost an anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million, depending on the extent of the contamination. Setting these costs aside, the key factor is the detrimental damage to people, property and the environment. 

Newer, digitally verified testing technologies are changing the paradigm in UST testing. One such technology is Compliance Plus, developed by Leighton O’Brien, which integrates and digitizes three best-in-class compliance technologies into a single-source testing platform.

Compliance Plus features:

  • Leighton O’Brien’s tank and line test, the world’s most accurate UST compliance test
  • Dri-sump®, a faster and more convenient alternative to hydrostatic containment testing
  • Vaporless Manufacturing Inc.’s LDT-890D leak detector test, the only certified test for all catastrophic leak detectors.

Compliance Plus delivers digitally verified tests, performed correctly every time, which dramatically reduces site downtime and lowers leak risk, thus ensuring the c-store is truly compliant and operating at the highest level of safety and efficiency.

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