How to Enhance the Customer Experience and Drive Sales

Research shows customers value cleanliness, convenience

As convenience-store retailers, we are constantly looking at ways we can enhance the customer experience. We might consider competitive pricing on gas. We might look at offering special discounts on purchases, or we might even decide to offer unique food items. But, how many of us have thought that offering Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer at both the pump and in the store could be the way to deliver an exceptional customer experience?

grimiest spots in a convenience store

The numbers speak for themselves. A recent study conducted by Taylor Research found:

  • 81% of those surveyed indicated that if Purell Hand Sanitizer was present, then they were more likely to buy food and beverage at that store;
  • 91% felt that if a store offers Purell Hand Sanitizer, it is clear that particular store cares about cleanliness and safety; and
  • 89% felt this type of offering demonstrates the fact the store values and appreciates its customers.

So, where should you offer an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in your store?

Where to Place Hand Sanitizer

Having an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at the gas pump is not only a way to visibly demonstrate to your customers you care, but it is also a way to differentiate your store from the competition and to provide hand sanitizer in the forecourt, which is one of the germiest areas on the property.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer, like Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer and a system such as the Purell ES Everywhere System, are designed to fit in small spots with ideal placement at foodservice areas and beverage stations for customers. This gives consumers that added confidence to buy food at your store and helps cut down restroom traffic.

Enhancing the customer experience comes down to two basic elements: convenience and cleanliness. Offer the right hand hygiene products in the right locations, and you will see your customers’ satisfaction increase and drive sales.


This post is sponsored by GOJO Industries, the inventors of the PURELL brand

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