Hughes Car Wash Implements AJB FIPay

Payment software enables Android, iPhone users to pay for gas from comfort of car

EDMONTON, Alberta -- Consumers can now pay for gasoline and car washes with their mobile devices at the Hughes Car Wash flagship location in Edmonton, Alberta, with plans to roll out the solution to additional locations over the next year. AJB Software Design Inc. has unveiled FIPay, the first mobile payment application in the Canadian petroleum industry, through a successful pilot deployment at Hughes Car Wash.

"Working with AJB enables us to simplify our payment processing," said O'Ryan Hughes, president of Hughes Car Wash. "With our Hughes Mobile Pay app, we leave no customer behind, and provide the option to pay with a mobile device and existing cards, or continue with traditional modes of payment."

"The Hughes MobilePay application, powered by our FIPay suite of products, is an example of how petroleum merchants can quickly deploy mobile applications with minimal new investment or configuration," said Eric Wong, director of special projects for AJB Software Design. "On miserable days, when it's too hot, rainy or cold, or when it's late at night, consumers can sit and pay in the safety and comfort of their car, while the fuel dispenser refills their gas tank. In addition, as the number of mobile wallet options proliferate, AJB provides merchants with a flexible, vendor-neutral approach to mobile payments."

FIPay Mobile is a mobile payment application that allows Android and iPhone users to pay for gasoline purchases using their mobile phones while remaining in their car. It provides petroleum retailers the opportunity to attract new mobile-savvy consumers by deploying customized mobile applications without the need to make new investments or changes to their point-of-sale (POS) infrastructure.

FIPay Mobile enables merchants to build stronger, more loyal relationships with their customers through a new mobile channel, and provides retailers with flexibility to choose partners for their mobile wallet initiatives. It is available to merchants in an array of industries, including retail, hospitality and the petroleum verticals.

The solution is part of AJB's FIPay suite of products that powers Hughes MobilePay. FIPay is responsible for integrating with the PIN pad device and fuel pumps in the petroleum sector. It is PCI-compliant and integrated with Cogeco, a PCI-DSS validated service provider, to ensure the highest level of security for each transaction. For the merchant, there is minimal configuration and hardware required. There is no separate device, no new payment highway, and no new financial processor required. Consumers download the merchant's small application onto their phone, create an account, register one of their credit cards and then they are immediately set up to start making purchases from their mobile wallet.

AJB is a leading provider of payment integration software solutions. The Toronto-based company enables retailers to comply with new standards and payment types, including mobile, EMV and other emerging forms of payment. In addition, it allows banks and POS vendors to integrate their products with retailers, petroleum and convenience stores.


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