Parkers Centralizes Digital Signage Management

Retailer implementing Cabletime’s MediaStar solutions

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- Parkers Convenience Stores has implemented digital signage from Cabletime, developer of the MediaStar range of IPTV, streaming and signage solutions.

Instead of using employees to travel to its 44 c-stores in Georgia and South Carolina to update and upload content for the in-store displays, the company can manage content across its network from one server at its central headquarters.

The chain uses its displays to provide customers with digital menus for its breakfast and lunch offers, and also to show advertising. Previously, employees uploaded content manually and delivered advertising by DVD players that they updated once a month with a new DVD.

“Using our staff to travel to different stores to provide content on a USB stick was time consuming and expensive,” said Stephen Hines, chief technology officer at Savannah, Ga.-based Parkers. “If we wanted to change even one item on a menu, or provide a two-for-one offer for a short period, we had to get this delivered specially. Even once we started emailing content files, they still needed to be uploaded on a USB drive.”

Cabletime’s MediaStar solution uses Parkers’ existing IP networks to deliver content to an unlimited number of displays and TVs. The MediaStar Media Manager software, which operates at the core of the system, allows one central administrator to control the scheduling, acquisition and delivery of content to the MediaStar players installed in each store, as needed. The chain can push out changes on demand, and Parkers now has the flexibility to run advertising and marketing campaigns throughout the day.

“Updates are almost instantaneous, and we can schedule them to keep customers interested without distracting them too much from their shopping,” said Hines. “The main benefit has been the savings in time, which of course always equates to a saving in money.”

Parkers is installing two displays in stores where it offers foodservice.

“Not only can Parkers display menus that are up to date and easily changed, they can also make snap decisions on offers and promotions and run promotional messaging to further enhance their service to customers,” said Ed Carabetta, vice president and general manager of Cabletime USA.

Mount Arlington, N.J.-based Cabletime’s MediaStar range serves the retail, publishing, hospitality, sports, healthcare, educational and government sectors.


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