Pump Ads Jumping to Phones

Gas Station TV partners with SITO Mobile to push dispenser-screen media to smartphones

DETROIT and JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- Partnering with a mobile-engagement platform provider, Gas Station TV (GSTV) will begin delivering display ads to viewers while they’re at the station and again after they leave.Gas Station TV GSTV SITO Mobile

Detroit-based GSTV announced a partnership with Jersey City, N.J.-based SITO Mobile to bring a “cross-screen” platform that will take gas-station media messages to customers’ mobile phones, GSTV officials said.

With SITO Mobile’s location-based platform, the GSTV partnership creates an integrated, dual-screen media model to identify customers, engage them and measure cross-screen effectiveness. The strategy targets customers who are initially viewing GSTV at the gas pump and sends relevant, location-based ads on their mobile devices. The solution then follows user behavior for measurement, attribution and future messaging.

Using “geo-fencing” technology that activates when the customer is near a GSTV-enabled pump, a recent test campaign delivered display ads to GSTV viewers’ mobile devices while they were at the station and then again after leaving the pump. The campaign led to a click-through rate 25% higher than the mobile-industry average, GSTV officials said.

“We are thrilled that GSTV selected SITO Mobile as their partner to power their cross-screen retargeting efforts,” said Jerry Hug, CEO, SITO Mobile. “GSTV is a dynamic brand that dominates its market category, bringing targeted ads to consumers at the pump.”

GSTV cited a recent report from Experian Consumer Insights, Costa Mesa, Calif., saying consumers recall gas-station media more than any other form of out-of-home video advertising. The same study also reported that consumers are three times more attentive to gas-station advertising than to elevator media and six times more attentive than to ads in taxis. Consumers primed by digital out-of-home screens, GSTV officials said, were 48% more likely to respond to linked mobile-ad campaigns than those primed by traditional television, according to a recent study by NeuroInsight, San Francisco.

“Marketers are seeking high-value, mobility networks outside of traditional media methods to help them deliver effective messaging in an innovative way,” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV. “This strategic media approach leverages the proximity of our network with the mobility of our viewers in a concentrated effort to extend engagement at and beyond the pump, further enhancing return on investment for our advertisers.”

The results from the first campaign demonstrated the increased effectiveness of mobile when paired with video at the pump, Leider said.

SITO Mobile provides a mobile-engagement platform that enables brands to improve awareness, loyalty and sales, the company said.

Detroit-based GSTV, a Rockbridge Growth Equity company, Livonia, Mich., is one of the largest video networks at the pump, engaging millions of viewers nationwide each month. GSTV receives exclusive content from ESPN, CNN’s Headline News and Buzz Today, Bloomberg TV and AccuWeather.


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