Skyline Products Launches Remote Sign Diagnostics Software

Technology offers full-loop feedback, more

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Skyline Products, an electronic price sign manufacturer, has launched its new software feature, PriceAdvantage Sign Diagnostics. This software allows customers to remotely manage the functionality and price accuracy of their signs from a headquarters location.

Skyline offers full-loop feedback and diagnostic technology, giving customers the ability to receive critical information about their signs using an on-site handheld device. Skyline’s feedback feature set is designed to ensure a scroll or LED price sign is functioning properly and displaying the correct price at all times.

PriceAdvantage Sign Diagnostics makes it possible for customers to harness this information not only through their in-store hand-held device, but also remotely through PC-based software installed at headquarters. Remote access to these diagnostic and feedback features will now allow customers to better manage sign maintenance across all their locations, while allowing in-store staff to focus on the customer.

“Our feedback method is by far the most robust on the market and now our customers can remotely access each of their signs from their headquarters office. It provides an extraordinary amount of control,” said Chip Stadjuhar, CEO of Skyline Products.

The company will now include PriceAdvantage Sign Diagnostics with every new Skyline price sign, and it is available to any existing Skyline price sign with a low-cost hardware upgrade. Customers can also purchase additional PriceAdvantage software components that greatly expand the software’s functionality, allowing them to receive email and text alerts if signs fail, manage all their signs from a mobile device and streamline their fuel pricing strategy to help improve margins, volumes and gross profit.

Designed and manufactured in Colorado Springs, Colo., Skyline’s industry-exclusive technologies provide display feedback, brightness control, full-bodied digits, advanced energy efficiency and military-grade durability. Additionally, Skyline provides customers with price-change confirmation and advanced sign diagnostics.


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