Top 10 States Data Thieves Like Best

Study ranks states by most security breaches in 2015

RICHMOND, Va. -- Although California’s large size and population may explain why it’s the state with the most data breaches in 2015, Indiana—15th in population and 38th in size (vs. California at No. 1 and No. 3, respectively)—ranked highest in the nation for the total number of exposed records, according to a study from a risk management firm.Data Breach

In its recently released study 2015 Data Breach Trends, Risk Based Security Inc., Richmond, Va., tallied up the total number of reported breaches and exposed records that occurred last year and presented its findings by state.

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The analysis found that California had the highest number of data-breach incidents in 2015 at 199, with Florida coming in second at 130. California retained the top spot from last year, while Florida rose to the No. 2 spot. New York came in third in 2015 at 102 incidents.

The top 10 states represented about 50% of U.S. incidents.

Indiana came in a clear No. 1 for total number of exposed records at 83 million. Texas came in at No. 2 with 70 million. The numbers dropped precipitously with Washington, D.C., coming in a distant third with about 22 million exposed records. The top two states represented almost 65% of exposed records.

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