Transform the C-Store into an Information Hub with Television Programming

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For multitasking consumers, the convenience store is the ultimate timesaver. While filling up on gas, c-store customers can purchase their morning coffee or breakfast and shop for any other items they need without making another stop.

Yet there remains an untapped potential for c-stores to help consumers check one more item off the to-do list: Especially in turbulent times, customers want to stay afloat of the latest news and updates. And by tuning in to the news on televisions in-store or at the gas pump, retailers can transform consumers’ occasional stop at the c-store into part of their everyday routine.

Customers already know that c-store technology can improve their experience at the store. According to Technomic & Chute Gerdeman’s Food-Forward C-Store Design report, 57% of consumers say they prefer convenience stores that offer up-to-date technology. Younger generations find it even more important, with 68% of millennials and 62% of Gen Z saying they prefer it.

Regardless of when or why a customer stops at the convenience store, the c-store can pose itself as an essential hub of information or any and every consumer.

Stopping for coffee

Whether they’re purchasing their morning cup of joe or stopping in to satisfy a caffeine craving later in the day, c-store coffee cravers are all about efficiency. Especially for consumers purchasing their morning cup, in-store televisions can transform the time spent waiting in line for the coffee bar or the checkout counter into an quick way to catch up on the headlines—making good use of time busy customers otherwise spend waiting.

Grabbing a quick bite

C-store foodservice caters to consumers with a wide range of dining preferences. Some are looking to make a quick purchase, whereas others are taking advantage of the growing number of c-stores offering sit-down dining areas in the store. For customers choosing to stick around a while, televisions are a great way to keep them engaged.

Shopping the store

An increasing number of customers are patronizing the c-store for household goods and other miscellaneous products. By providing quick bytes of information, televisions can help inform how and what these customers purchase. Health concerns making headlines? Customers can pick up a wellness drink for a boost. Sunny weather on the way? Customers can grab a pair of sunglasses on their way to the register.

Filling up on gas

Depending on whether they pay at the pump or at the register inside, strategically placed televisions can give a c-store an informative edge. Screens at the gas pump have increased in popularity over the last few years, and it’s no mystery why: Customers have to wait as their tank fills up, and televisions provide a great way to fill the time. By broadcasting need-to-know information, c-stores can improve the experience even for consumers who never enter the store.

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