Vintners Selects Acumera for Connection Services

Combines tech firm's operational visibility, reporting with Shell's payment solution

FREMONT, Calif. -- Vintners Distributors, operator of convenience stores and fuel outlets, has selected Acumera to implement operational integration, network security and connectivity services to interconnect its locations with both company headquarters and its payment processing service providers.

With the introduction of a Shell-approved payment solution, Vintners was able to pick Acumera as its connectivity and integration partner. As Shell retailers gained the flexibility to pick their own connectivity providers, Vintners was seeking a new connectivity solution that would improve reliability, simplify billing and enhance remote support and operational integration.

The Acumera C-Store Connections package provides for the use of multiple broadband connection types in a managed solution, while preserving the flexibility to choose the best carrier for each location. Additionally, the C-Store Connections package gives the Vintners IT staff visibility to better support their store operations via Acumera's AcuVigil network dashboard.

"The Vintners team was frustrated with the process of making simple network changes, unpredictable bills and poor service levels," said Vintners Distributors president Varish Goyal. "Acumera's services are less expensive, more reliable, and give us valuable visibility into our operations and business processes. We are also benefitting from the more frequent and reliable fuel inventory and delivery readings from Acumera's monitoring and alerts system."

Central to the successful network design and implementation at Vintners was integrating Shell's payment processing hardware into the network design at each retail location. Also, the visibility that Acumera provides into Vintners' enterprise is an important element in the service, according to Acumera CEO Dirk Heinen.

"By moving to our C-Store Connections package, Vintners gains several important benefits," said Heinen. "First, the Acumera solution gives IT staff detailed, store-level visibility to simplify remote support and reduce technician truck rolls. Further, these services simplify the process of enabling third-party vendors secure access to automatic tank gauge data for inventory and compliance management. Finally, the AcuVigil Web Proxy service enables store PC URL whitelisting with no client software or equipment, while reducing bandwidth needed at Vintners headquarters."

Austin, Texas-based Acumera provides Trusted Connection Services to multi-site merchants, specializing in the reduction of problems caused by network management and security issues. It actively manages networks and provides visibility and remote management capability. Acumera gets customers' stores, network clients and devices securely connected and keeps them connected. In addition to network status, merchants have real-time insight into key operational measures, such as fuel inventory levels and environmental and food safety temperatures.

Fremont, Calif.-based Vintners Distributors is a branded retailer of fuels with locations throughout California. Starting in 1978, Vintners has been family owned and operated, and professionally managed, providing clean stores and high-quality fuels.


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