Wawa ATMs Getting Upgrade

PNC Bank, Diebold partnering on modernization initiative for retailer's units
PITTSBURGH -- Wawa Inc.'s ATM provider, PNC Bank, is working on a major modernization initiative for the ATMs located in Wawa's more than 500 convenience stores. During the next 15 months, all legacy PNC ATMs in Wawa locations will be upgraded to Diebold Inc. Opteva cash dispensers, powered by Agilis software.

In addition to giving all PNC ATMs across the Wawa network the same look, feel and customer experience, the transition to an all-Opteva fleet will also enable PNC Bank to decrease cash management costs.

The partnership of Wawa, PNC and Diebold began in 1998. [image-nocss] They recently achieved a major milestoneone billion surcharge-free ATM transactions at the retailer's stores. (Click here for previous CSP Daily News coverage.)

Diebold worked with PNC to design and produce more than 900 "golden" receipts for distribution via all ATMs across the Wawa network. The promotion awarded a golden ticket for every 24th transaction, which entitled the customer to free items in Wawa stores. Diebold service technicians took two days to load the golden tickets into more than 900 ATMs, averaging an estimated 19 machines per hour.

As a result of the partnership, traffic at PNC ATMs in Wawa stores has grown to three-times that of a typical PNC branch ATM, the companies said. Each month, approximately $600 million is dispensed via seven million transactions conducted at PNC ATMs in Wawa stores, equaling an estimated 233,000 transactions each day.

In addition to surcharge-free transactions, Diebold has also helped Wawa and PNC deliver promotional offers to their customers through a couponing program at the ATM. Through customized coupon options driven by Diebold's Agilis software, the ATMs are programmed to print coupons on ATM receipts that can be used for discounted store merchandise. At PNC's Wawa ATMs, customers may receive coupons for discounted meal items in Wawa stores.

The coupons are distributed by time of daya morning customer might receive a coupon for a discount on a breakfast sandwich, while afternoon customers receive coupons for lunch items. This feature not only provides cost savings to ATM users, it also helps increase traffic in Wawa stores.

PNC Bank is a member of The PNC Financial Services Group Inc., Pittsburgh.

Canton, Ohio-based Diebold is a global leader in providing integrated self-service delivery and security systems and services.

Wawa, Pa.-based Wawa Inc., a privately held company, operates more than 570 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.


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