CDC Study a Boon to Electronic Cigarettes?

Survey suggests e-cigs have helped smokers give up the habit

ATLANTA -- Electronic cigarette may have just gotten a boost from the Centers for Disease Control, according to reports. e-cigs

Sales of e-cigarettes are slowing, but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) may have done the industry a favor that could help reignite growth, according to a Motley Fool report.

According to a recent survey of tobacco shops and convenience stores, the once meteoric expansion of alternative-smoking products is moderating and may soon be stubbed out, particularly with the Food & Drug Administration poised to implement new rules that could cause virtually all products to be pulled from store shelves. But a new study by the CDC hints at the benefits the industry offers, and may be what e-cigs need to light a fire under sales, the report said.

According to the National Public Health Institutes, few people other than smokers are using electronic cigarettes, and those who are using them are doing so to quit smoking tobacco. Because that's long been touted as a benefit of the products, it could be used to slow the juggernaut of regulation that some say could stamp them out.

The CDC’s latest study of adults who use electronic cigarettes found that, while 12.6% of Americans have tried an e-cig, only 3.4% of non-smokers have tried one. Moreover, just 0.4% of people who never smoked a combustible cigarette currently use an e-cig.

Its biggest findings revolve around those who actually do partake in e-cigs:

  • 47.6% of current smokers had tried e-cigs.
  • 55.4% of smokers who had quit had used e-cigs.

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