Celebrity Endorsements Boost Marijuana Products

Marley, Chong return to their roots as ganja goes mainstream

LOS ANGELES & WASHINGTON -- Two celebrity legends known for their love of ganja are taking advantage of the legalization of marijuana with new-product releases in their names. Tommy Chong's Smoke Swipe

Marley Natural

Thirty-three years after his untimely death, ganja-loving reggae icon Bob Marley is being remembered with an eponymous brand of top-end marijuana, his family said.

Marley Natural is being pitched as "a premium cannabis brand rooted in the life and legacy" of one of Jamaica's greatest cultural exports, just as the United States slowly shifts towards legalized pot.

"It just seems natural that Daddy should be part of this conversation," said Cedella Marley, 47, the singer-songwriter's daughter. "As daddy would say, 'Make way for the positive day,' " she said in a video aired by NBC television, the first to report the development.

The marijuana brand is being developed with a Washington state-based company and is intended to be sold in the United States and possibly internationally starting next year.

Tommy Chong's Smoke Swipe

Meanwhile, following a successful stint on "Dancing with the Stars," legendary cannabis activist, pop-culture icon and Grammy award-winning comedian Tommy Chong is going back to his roots as a pioneer in the cannabis industry with the launch of Tommy Chong's Smoke Swipe, the breakthrough product designed to wipe away the smell of cannabis and tobacco odor on clothing.

Chong teamed up with Reviver Clothing Swipes to develop a product that keeps usage discreet.

"While our culture is rapidly accepting cannabis consumption as a way of life, it's fair to acknowledge that smelling like cannabis in many public settings may not be cool," said Chong. "I could have used my Tommy Chong's Smoke Swipe 10 years ago to save me from a lot of headache. Now, those who partake in it can keep it to themselves."

The swipes are portable and reusable for those wanting to keep cannabis usage a private occasion. The customer simply places a swipe on his or her fingers, rubs the applicator across clothing to neutralize odors, and replaces it into its re-sealable package.

Tommy Chong's Smoke Swipe is available for $10.99 per 3-pack at www.chongswipes.com and will be landing in head shops and dispensaries nationwide in the coming months

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