Exclusive: Trendsettah Announces Extendos Cigars

Extra-long cigarillos to go national at 2015 NATO Show

MIAMI -- In an exclusive CSP Daily News announcement, tobacco manufacturer Trendsettah USA Inc. is launching what the company describes as “the next industry breakthrough” in cigars: Extendos by Splitarillos, an 8.5-inch extended cigarillo twice the length of the standard 4.25-inch cigarillo currently on the market. Extendos

“Standard cigarillos are made by halving the 8.5-inch product to create multiples,” senior vice president of sales Bill Schoep told CSPDaily News. “By simply omitting the process, we’ve recognized an opportunity.”

Schoep said the invention of Extendos is a direct response to market requests.

“Our new Extendos brand allows the adult tobacco enthusiast to enjoy their experience more with a longer cigar, less frequent relighting, and fresh new flavor profiles,” he said. “Extendos appeals to the adult consumer that simply wants more of a good thing.”

The national launch of the brand will coincide with the NATO Show, taking place in Las Vegas on April 22-23. Schoep described test markets in California, Missouri, Texas and Florida as a “resounding success.”

Donald Powell, vice president of category management for the San Jose, Calif.-based distributor PITCO Foods, echoed Schoep’s enthusiasm.

“As an original launch partner, we are extremely pleased with the Extendos velocity numbers,” he said.  “Trendsettah Inc. did a great job including us in all phases of the process including design, wholesale pricing and margin for both PITCO Foods and our loyal retailers.”

Extendos will be available in two-cigar pouches and in Splitarillos signature flavor OG Sweet and a new Ultra Sweet flavor profile, LOUD.  The Miami-based company will announce new flavors in the coming weeks.  


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