Keep Former Tobacco Customers Coming in with Tobacco Alternatives

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Recent years have seen many consumers making the switch away from traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco. While this shift to new lifestyles offers many benefits, one area it doesn’t help in is sales of tobacco products at convenience stores. C-stores have long been a hotspot for picking up a pack or carton of cigarettes or a few tins of chewing tobacco. For retailers whose customer base is making the switch, the financial ramifications can be a big hit. Luckily, though, that doesn’t have to be the case. Much like cigarette smokers who choose to switch to vaping products, chewing tobacco consumers who want to make the switch have alternatives, too, and for retailers worried about the shift in consumer purchasing, offering those alternatives is crucial. 

Data from the CDC found that in 2015, 68% of adult smokers said they wanted to quit, and in 2018, 55% of adult smokers said they had attempted to quit in the past year, although only 7.5% reported successfully quitting.

One of the reasons it may be so tough for some tobacco users to give up tobacco altogether is because they miss the ritual, the comfort and the habit. But the options are no longer black and white—nowadays, alternative tobacco products such as Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff and Pouches give consumers the feeling of chewing smokeless tobacco without actually consuming tobacco or nicotine.. Made with natural ingredients and available in eight different flavors customers will love, Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff and Pouches offer customers the tobacco-free and nicotine-free options they’re looking for, allowing them to continue enjoying their routines. Smokey Mountain products are designed to help people give up nicotine—with these products, consumers don’t have to give up their habit.

For retailers, products such as Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff offer a big opportunity; customers who give up tobacco products have a couple options—they can stop purchasing tobacco products and stop going into the c-store altogether, or they can stop purchasing tobacco products and purchase an alternative product instead. For retailers who choose to stock tobacco alternatives, be sure to post signage and promote their availability—supporting community members who are looking for those alternatives can lead to a boost in sales. 

Retailers should also be sure to stock products that are high quality and reliable; Smokey Mountain is committed to producing quality products that consumers love, whether they’re using it as a cessation product or as a long-term alternative as they transition away from nicotine and tobacco. Smokey Mountain products are manufactured in an FDA food-grade-certified facility, too, so retailers can trust the products they’re selling.

Retailers don’t need to worry about losing customers to tobacco cessation. By making sure customers have an alternative choice, stores ensure future purchases and customer loyalty. 

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