Logic Sponsors Ablow's E-Cig Study

Will examine smoking alternative's effect on reducing or eliminating tobacco product usage

LIVINGSTON, N.J. -- Electronic cigarette maker Logic Technology recently announced that Keith Ablow, M.D., will be conducting an expanded clinical study of Logic e-cigarettes in his practice to determine their effects on reducing or eliminating tobacco product usage. Previously, Dr. Ablow reported that three individuals had ceased smoking when given e-cigarettes as part of a smoking cessation regimen.

Sponsored by Logic, Dr. Ablow's study will monitor and track patients' experiences using e-cigarettes to determine the product category's effectiveness for transitioning smokers from traditional cigarettes to a tobacco-free, smokeless, battery-operated nicotine delivery device.

The study, to be conducted over a 12-week period, will offer patients who use traditional cigarettes the option to try e-cigarettes. Dr. Ablow will provide participating patients with e-cigarettes and measure their use of this technology and tobacco products over the course of the 12 weeks.

Simulating the feeling and taste of a real cigarette, Logic provides a sensory experience that satisfies a smoker's addictive cravings for the nicotine, tobacco flavor, hand-to-mouth motion and vapor release, while avoiding 4,000 toxins that are in cigarettes, according to the company. Unlike other nicotine delivery devices, an e-cigarette can assuage the desire for a traditional cigarette and deliver a realistic smoking experience, the company added.

"We are thrilled to work with distinguished psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow to conduct this study," said Eli Alelov, CEO of Logic Technology, Livingston, N.J. "Minimal statistical data exists about electronic cigarettes and their effectiveness in supporting a switch from traditional cigarettes, and we think it is imperative to educate the public on the benefits of this product. We think Dr. Ablow's findings will support the rapidly growing industry and prove what we have been saying for years, that Logic is a smarter alternative helping to convert American smokers to better choices."

"I reached out to Logic about this informal, expanded series of clinical case studies because I cannot understand why universities and the government are not aggressively exploring the use of electronic cigarettes to help smokers stop using tobacco," said Ablow. "I am a supporter of electronic cigarettes in aiding patients to make smarter choices with their smoking habits."

Logic will provide a findings update as the study moves forward.

Ablow serves as the Fox News expert on psychiatry and is a contributing editor at Good Housekeeping magazine. He was the host and executive producer of The Dr. Keith Ablow Show and has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Today show, Good Morning America, The O'Reilly Factor, and Larry King Live. Ablow is the author of Living The Truth: Transform Your Life Through The Power of Insight and Honesty.

Logic e-cigarettes are available in disposable and rechargeable versions and can be purchased at convenience stores nationwide as well as on the company's website.


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