Swisher Unveils Wine Tip Cigarillos

Air- and fire-cured tobacco adds to user experience
swisher blk wine
Photograph courtesy of Swisher International

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. The maker of Swisher Sweets cigarillos is introducing a new offer with BLK Wine Tip Cigarillos, which gives users a wine taste and aroma, the company says.

Officials with Swisher International, Jacksonville, Fla., say the cigarillo is a fusion of hand-selected, air- and fire-cured tobaccos that delivers a “unique” experience.

BLK Wine Cigarillos join a lineup of blends that includes Smooth, Grape, Cherry and Berry. They come in a resealable two-count pouch with the company's “sealed fresh” guarantee.

Available for shipment to stores nationwide, the cigarillos come in two for 99 cents, save on two and two for $1.49 options, as well as single-sale, impulse displays.

Swisher International has manufactured tobacco products since 1861, shipping more than 2 billion cigars a year to more than 70 countries.

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