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Tenn. retailer fighting attorney general's gas price gouging allegations

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Knoxville, Tenn., convenience store operator Bill Weigel has one question for state Attorney General Bob Cooper: "How can we gouge customers if we had no gas?" Weigel Stores Inc., which is one of 17 companies and individuals owning 34 gas stations in East and Middle Tennessee...

Chain had dry stores, no new merchandise deliveries for almost two months

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. -- The moment that sticks out in Appalachian Oil CEO Marty Anderson's mind as the point of no return for the company "was last fall when gas prices plummeted," he told CSP Daily News in an exclusive interview. "It decimated our collateral base, and that's when it all started to...

Anderson thankful for opportunity even after "difficult and challenging year and a half"

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. -- In his 25 years in the convenience store industry, Marty Anderson rose from cashier to the CEO of a 58-store chain. And even as that chainAppalachian Oilis crumbling, he's thankful to parent company Titan Global Holdings and the opportunities it presented him. "My feeling is...

Picks up anticipated sites in Ala. from Herndon Oil; repurchases $26 million in bonds
As gas prices continue to rise, retail margins are getting pinched, says Lundberg
Petrowski details what industry can do today to position itself for future market demands
Announces new branded marketing deal in Centennial State
Expects to open nearly 50 new stores through 2010 across all states, and more deals
NACS SOI survey presents opportunities to grow amid the economic malaise
2008 population pegged at 144,875 convenience stores, a 1% decline from 2007