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Industry analysts speculate over ExxonMobil buying Shell, Shell buying BP

NEW YORK -- Remember the old children's song that goes "there was an old lady who swallowed a fly"? She then swallows a spider to eat the fly, a bird to eat the spider, a cat to eat the bird and so on. A scenario reminiscent of that could play out with the major oil companies. Among other economic...

Gulf Oil to introduce new retail store design, secondary gasoline brand

NEWTON, Mass. -- Following on Gulf Oil Co.'s realignment with Cumberland Farms, the company is rolling out new concepts in store design and gasoline marketing to facilitate a healthy future. Company CEO Joe Petrowski told CSP Daily News the company is close to opening a brand new store concept,...

"Election of Barack Obama changes everything," antismoking watchdog says

WASHINGTON -- The new Congress plans to move aggressively against the tobacco industry in coming months by regulating cigarettes, raising per-pack sales taxes to fund health insurance for children and ratifying an international antitobacco treaty, according to aides for key lawmakers and experts...

7-Eleven opening commissary and distribution center this month in New York
Gasoline brand announces enhancements including new dispenser, valance graphics
Federal, state gasoline tax increases, mileage taxes on the table this year
Retailers in a farm state reflect now that gasoline is the less-expensive fuel
Wayne Oil on board to force travelers to re-think the gas-station experience
The gasoline pump island is once again the place to beat least for now
Certified Oil begins rollout of its new store design, emphasizes foodservice