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Hurricane wreaks havoc on Gulf Coast; petroleum industry assessing impact on all levels

HOUSTON -- Gasoline prices jumped Saturday as Hurricane Ike pounded the refinery-rich regions of Texas and Louisiana, threatening to shut down the nation's vast energy complex in the Gulf of Mexico for days, the Associated Press said on Saturday. Gasoline prices nationwide rose nearly six cents a...

Gasoline prices jump as latest hurricane approaches Texas oil refineries

NEW YORK -- Gasoline prices jumped to unprecedented levels in the wholesale markets Thursday as Hurricane Ike tore across the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to strike Texas and its refineries, said the Associated Press. The wholesale price of gasoline ranged from $4 to nearly $5 a gallon at the U.S...

The Pantry eyes growth opportunities in its 11-state market reach

SANFORD, N.C. -- Over the past decade, The Pantry's merger-and-acquisition growth strategy has stretched the chain's market from its home base in North Carolina to northern Virginia, south Florida and as far west as Shreveport, La. So once the company's self-imposed ban on acquisitions is lifted,...

Tobacco company's restructuring, reorganization a likely "non-event" for retailers.
$11.7 billion deal adds moist smokeless tobacco leader to cigarette, cigar stable
"Advanced" talks expected to result in imminent $10 billion deal for smokeless tobacco maker.
Cumberland Farms-Gulf Oil aims to speed growth, improve its retailing
Cash-flow problems led to bankruptcy, sale at auction of refinery, 12 stations in Kentucky
Fortin moves from CFO to chairman, succeeded by Paré; Bouchard to remain president, CEO
Oil industry reacts as weakening hurricanemakes landfall, spares New Orleans