Plaid Pantries still operates as a true neighborhood store. Its locations primarily serve rooftops (instead of highway traffic), with only 11 of its locations selling fuel. The company positions itself as the value-proposition leader in its market, with a heavy monthly promotion schedule.

Plaid Pantries has some unique offers to serve its Northwest customer base. This includes a bicycle aid station for customers who arrive by bike. And because it operates in the microbrew capital of the United States, the chain places a heavy emphasis on local beer brands. Craft brands account for 30% of the company's beer sales and 40% of its assortment.

The chain plans to grow by two stores annually through acquisitions and new builds. Plaid Pantry opened new stores in each of the past three years and launched a remodel and cooler expansion program in 2013.

Headquarters:Beaverton, Oregon
No. of Stores:108
Average Store Size:2,500-4,000 sq. ft.
Rank Last Year:68
States of Operation: Oregon, Washington