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Global Partners Power Dynamics (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Gas Stations)
Corporate News
Deploys SiteSage at select Alltown and Mr. Mike's c-stores in New England.
Park City, Fintech technology (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Foodservice / Beverages)
Expect complementary strengths to fuel growth in c-stores, foodservice
CSP Magazine
Consider the more recent initiatives in the c-store industry that will demand even more technology innovation: loyalty marketing, mobile payments, digital couponing and digital currencies, EMV, data security and protection of consumer information, etc. Successfully addressing these new initiatives will require a solid technology foundation in place within your organization.
Maverik APT (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Gas Stations)
Software analyzes merchandising, pricing, marketing, capital expenditures issues
Acumers (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores)
Tech firm releases Dual WAN failover app to maximize network availability
CSP Magazine
The history of technological advancement shows that once we experience progress, we never like returning to the status quo. One of my favorite examples of this is a significant western states convenience retailer that began reviewing sales margins by item multiple times per day.
CSP Magazine
With EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa) timelines quickly approaching the convenience-store and retail-petroleum industries, POS system providers, pump providers and merchants are preparing for the October 2015 liability shift for in-store systems and the October 2017 liability shift for automated fuel dispensers. As retailers become acquainted with EMV and the needed system enhancements to support EMV, they soon learn that EMV can be a time-intensive and costly endeavor.
Obama credit card BuySecure (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores)
Retailer groups praise signing of BuySecure executive order on financial security
NACS Show sessions cover loyalty, along with data sharing, security (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores)
NACS Show sessions cover loyalty, along with data sharing, security