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Brings signature on-demand, security compliances to point-of-sale
General Merchandise
Cornell a veteran of PepsiCo Americas Foods, Sam's Club, Michaels, Safeway.
C-store retailers question relevance of increasing amounts of data, analytics
Gets behind open process for security standards to better protect consumers, businesses
MegaPath offering new wireless option with focus on security
CSP Magazine
New technologies are making their way from the forecourt and convenience store into the back office, affecting the entire retail loop, from consumer to chain executive. And with each new development, operators must decide if each is more about hype or if it can really pull in more traffic, cut energy costs or sell more doughnuts.
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Allows truckers to use any fleet fueling card, major credit card at its LNG stations
Combine resources to deliver online, offline expertise
Sasnett joins Acumera as VP of business development