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Wine & Spirits See Double-Digit Sales Growth in First Half of 2014

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Warmer weather and a growing diversification of convenience offerings boosted alcohol sales in the first half of 2014.

Take the beer category: Bucking negative dollar and volume sales trends in the first half of 2013, IRI data shows the category grew by 3.9% (in dollar sales) and 1.4% in unit sales. However, just two of the top-five selling brands enjoyed positive sales in the first half of 2014.

That means offering just the traditional top-selling brands is no longer enough, something beverage analyst Bonnie Herzog attributes to the diversification of the beer category and of c-store consumers. “The channel’s consumers are evolving,” she said. “If you’re talking new consumers, it’s a little bit like your tobacco set. Sure, you need to offer the Marlboros and the Buds, but you need to be smart about the other offerings such as higher-margin and differentiated products.”

Alcohol Sales

C-store sales, 24 weeks ending June 15, 2014

SubcategoryC-store sales ($ millions)PCYA*Case/volume sales (millions)PCYA*
Total beer$7,4413.9%338.81.4%
Sparkling wine/champagne$16.917.2%0.114.8%

Source: IRI

* Percent change from a year ago