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Varish Goyal
Marketing Strategies
A.U. Energy’s Loop honored for store design (video)
CSP Magazine
There is a need for urgency and also a time for reflection. One cannot live a life of nonstop fire drills. Equally so, life loses much if every day is a series of equal waves, predictable rhythms and uneventful cycles. There needs to be 2-minute warnings, ninth-inning rallies, an April 15. We also need a Dec. 31, a Thanksgiving and a July 4.
MillerCoors 40-ounce plastic bottles
MillerCoors introduces new shatter-proof packaging for singles
Keurig Cold Soda System
Partners with Green Mountain on Keurig Cold
Soda tax
Measure would put 2-cent-per-ounce proposal before voters
Wine sales in Tennessee
Convenience store ban would need to be lifted city by city
Regional Sales Trends Driven by Recent Cold Weather
General Merchandise
Ice-melt and firewood score in the East; beverages win our West
SodaStream's Super Bowl ad should send a message to convenience store retailers
Which spots built a brand, and which actually sold product?
CSP Magazine
CSP presents its 2014 Beverage Report to assess the past year of the major subcategories and where they might go in convenience stores in the future.