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Once a staple of convenience store sales, bread volume continues its steady slide.

Once a staple of c-store sales, bread volume continues its steady slide.

Top Fresh Bread Brands in C-Stores, Year End 2012

BrandDollar SalesPCYAUnit SalesPCYA
Wonder Bread$18,654,110-26.43%6,335,431-27.85%
Mrs. Bairds Bread$16,204,8101.07%5,679,468-1.68%
Private Label Bread$12,623,260-15.11%6,571,090-20.74%
Private Label Rolls, Buns$11,004,480-15.03%7,965,841-16.23%
Private Label Bagels, Bialys$10,001,400-18.05%5,952,542-18.73%
Merita Bread$9,837,828-16.67%3,714,738-16.66%
Home Pride Bread$9,165,995-22.16%2,743,021-23.56%
Nature's Own Bread$8,816,15013.00%2,916,6628.24%
Wonder Hamburger, Hot Dog Buns$8,659,882-18.04%2,977,911-20.05%
Sunbeam Bread$8,402,38324.72%3,194,49020.55%
Bunny Bread$7,446,683-19.73%2,943,929-19.11%
Stroehmann Bread$6,361,094-24.57%2,471,420-21.84%
Sunbeam Fresh Bread$5,513,983-10.69%2,098,684-12.68%
Stroehmann Dutch Country Bread$5,101,241-26.68%1,397,276-25.11%
Private Label Hamburger, Hot Dog Buns$5,038,932-21.59%2,759,885-21.36%
Maiers Bread$4,026,516-19.22%1,033,966-22.42%
Freihofer Bread$3,545,838-3.95%985,1759.02%
Sara Lee Bread$3,538,440-14.78%1,179,686-20.12%
Schmidt Old Tyme Bread$3,448,7829.39%975,0407.60%
Butter Krust Bread$3,292,17325.59%1,207,89022.15%


Source: IRI

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Only four of the Top 20 fresh bread brands in c-stores saw volume growth in 2012, according to IRI data. And of those that lost unit sales, 14 saw a double-digit dip.

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