Analgesics, Cough/Cold Remedy Shipments to C-Stores on the Rise

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Distributor Data: OTC Shipments

Calendar year 2013

Shipments in 2013 of OTC items from McLane rose in some segments—analgesics, cold/cough/allergy and baby food—but fell for stomach remedies, vitamin and energy supplements and shooters.

SegmentAvg. shipments per store per week (in dollars)Avg. shipments per store per week (dollar growth)PCYA
Analgesics single/multidose$12.97-$0.68-5.0%
Total analgesics$26.82$1.204.7%
Cough/cold/allergy-single/multi dose$4.30$0.6116.6%
Total cough/cold/allergy$26.06$1.737.1%
Stomach remedies$4.29-$0.35-7.6%
Stomach rolls$3.85-$0.28-6.9%
Stomach remedies-singles/multi dose$2.79$0.2811.1%
Total stomach remedies$10.94-$0.36%-3.2%
Vitamin/energy/supplement shooters$57.26-$4.27-7.0%
Vitamins/supplments-singles/multi dose$0.22-$0.03-10.8%
Total vitamins/supplements$64.38-$5.76-8.2%
Baby food/formula$1.21$0.109.1%
Baby care$1.02$0.00-0.4%
Total baby$2.23$0.104.6%

Source: McLane Co.

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