Energy-Shot Sales Drop for a Second Year

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Energy-Shot Sales Drop for a Second Year in Convenience Stores

Year-end data shows the dip in energy-shot sales continued for a 2nd year.

Best-Selling Energy Shots in Convenience Stores

IRI Convenience AllScan data for 52 weeks ending Dec. 29, 2013

BrandDollar SalesPCYAUnit SalesPCYA
5 Hour Energy$750,700,900-8.03%229,278,200-7.99%
Stacker 2 6-Hour Power$13,622,890-27.36%3,917,732-27.50%
Street King$3,169,94269.59%1,168,07186.41%
Vital 4U Screamin Energy$2,713,707-7.23%2,357,035-8.52%
VPX Redline Power Rush$2,703,583-12.52%873,153-12.15%
Worx Energy Extra Strength$2,631,799-64.85%1,100,983-61.24%
Fuel in a Bottle$2,560,47430.38%1,229,84641.34%
Stacker 2$2,258,393-34.18%578,238-33.21%
Private label$2,111,3862.13%1,042,6834.51%
Spike Double Shot$2,045,315-31.47%624,935-30.61%
Rip It Energy Fuel$1,593,973202.19%1,574,176271.51%
Nitro 2 Go$1,337,740-14.93%468,237-12.29%
Worx Energy$1,303,944-57.19%516,001-54.73%
Vital 4U Liquid Energy$1,290,928-5.38%1,090,077-6.24%
Nitro 2 Go Mega Shot$698,596-30.99%213,676-31.68%
MR Energy$507,440-20.80%165,653-21.31%

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Most convenience retailers insist 5 Hour Energy is the only game in town, despite a drop in sales of the energy-shot category overall and an almost equal drop for leader 5 Hour Energy, according to 2013 year-end data from IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide).

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