Technomic Spotlights the 'Made-in-the-USA' Spirit

Offers wine, beer, spirits update

CHICAGO -- As many American adults broke out the Uncle Sam hats and partook of a few adult beverages (and will most likely do so this weekend), Technomic put a spotlight on the country's domestic adult beverage market.

Domestic table wine outpaced imported table wine in volume growth in 2012, posting a 2% increase to 234.4 million nine-liter cases, according to Technomic's new WineTAB report. Domestic wine accounts for nearly three-quarters (74%) of total wine volume in the United States.

Within the beer category, craft brews--most of which are domestic--saw more than a 10% surge in volume. Craft remains a small category, accounting for 6% of total beer volume, but its growth helped offset a 2% volume loss for mainstream domestic beer. As a result, total domestic beer production was essentially flat for the year, after falling nearly 2% in 2011. Updated information on the beer industry will be available in Technomic's BeerTAB report, due out later this summer.

Straight American whiskey was one of the spirits segment's strongest performers last year, recording a 5% volume gain to 16.8 million 9-liter cases. Straight American whiskey - which includes bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, rye and corn whiskey - also outpaced the industry in sales growth, with sales climbing 7% to $3.9 billion, according to Technomic's SpiritsTAB report. More than 30 new straight American whiskey products were introduced in 2012, the report notes.

With increased competition for both shelf space and bar space, American products lead the way: Of the 251 new adult beverages introduced through the first five months of 2013, according to Technomic's Digital Resource Information Knowledgebank (DRINK), 138, or 55%, are U.S.-made. For the full year 2012, 52% of new adult beverages had U.S. origins.

For American consumers enjoying unprecedented access to domestic craft beers, regional wines and local spirits, this wider variety of American-made products is yet another cause for celebration.

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