BP Celebrates National Corndog Day

Hands out coupons for free Pepsi drinks with Foster Farms purchase

LOS ANGELES -- BP are celebrating National Corndog Day all this month with an exclusive coupon offer for corn dog-loving customers at participating ampm convenience stores.

In collaboration with sponsors Pepsi and Foster Farms, participating ampm locations are offering a coupon, available in participating stores, where customers can purchase two ampm corn dogs and get two free 20-ounce drinks from the makers of Pepsi (up to a maximum value of $2.50). National Corndog Day is Saturday, March 23. The coupons are available and accepted through the end of March.

“This corn dog and Pepsi combo is the perfect way for our customers to celebrate National Corndog Day,” said Donna Sanker, ampm marketing vice president, “and being a double-up deal, it’s also a fantastic way to share a hot ampm corn dog and a cool Pepsi with a friend.”

National Corndog Day, started in Corvallis, Ore., in March 1992 by fans of the NCAA Division I basketball championship tournaments, has become a celebration of America’s love of college basketball and meats-on-sticks.

“For college basketball lovers, National Corndog Day is also the one day of the year that a quadruple-header of tournament action is broadcast live nationally," Sanker said. "Combine eight hours of the best college b-ball with ampm corn dogs and a cold Pepsi, and you’ve got something really special.”

The ampm brand was founded in 1978 in Southern California by ARCO. Ampm convenience stores are currently found in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.