PennLive Reporters Chow Down for 'C-Store Showdown'

What did they think of the convenience fare at Rutter's, Sheetz, Turkey Hill, Wawa?

Rutter's (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Foodservice)

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. -- reporters Sue Gleiter and Julia Hatmaker have just recently discovered what the industry has known for quite some time: "Convenience stores are the new restaurants." The reporters took to the road to visit Rutter's Farm Stores, Sheetz, Turkey Hill Minit Markets and "WaWa" [Note to the reporters: The second "w" is lower case] to check out the food.

Their first stop was York, Pa.-based Rutter's Farm Stores.

What they ordered, and excerpts of their opinions:

  • Chicken Corn Soup. "This turned out to be one of our favorite items."
  • Crab Sliders. "We both agree we would order them again. Plus, they go great with the soup."
  • French Fries. "Just your standard fries. You can't really go wrong here."
  • Boneless Chicken Wings. "They tasted good, but, quite honestly, they are nothing more than chicken nuggets."
  • Italian Sub. "The bread was a bit too soft for me, but otherwise it was a good sandwich."
  • Mint Frappe. "I have to say it comes with a cool hit of mint but blends well against the coffee."
  • Milk shake. "This shake was thick and creamy. Well worth the effort."
  • Strawberry Cheesecake. "It was creamy, rich and smooth like cheesecake should taste."

Watch the video to find out more, and click here to view the full PennLive report.

And check back later to find out what they thought of Sheetz, Turkey Hill and Wawa.


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