S&D Coffee to Offer True Lemon for Hot & Iced Tea Service

Offers foodservice operators alternative to wedges, packets, bottles

CONCORD, N.C.-- S&D Coffee, a leading beverage manufacturers and distributors in the country, announced the addition of True Lemon to its beverage service line.

Manufactured by True Citrus Co., True Lemon is made from a patented process that cold-presses and crystallizes lemon juice and oils to provide consistent, fresh-squeezed taste without the waste or labor of using fresh lemons. Shelf-stable and with a small storage footprint, True Lemon offers foodservice operators an alternative to fresh wedges, juice packets and bottled lemon juice.

"We are always looking to enhance beverage service offerings and provide our customers with means to grow their beverage sales," said John Buckner, S&D Coffee's director of marketing. "True Lemon is a great solution for our customers who want to improve their beverage service by providing lemon with their hot and iced tea service but haven't yet because of the many issues associated with fresh lemon wedges. True Lemon delivers consistent, fresh-squeezed lemon taste without any labor or waste, and eliminates the sanitary concerns that both consumers and operators have about fresh lemon wedges that are left in bowls throughout the day. Also, because it is 100% natural and it tastes just like a fresh lemon, True Lemon is a superior product to typical lemon juice packets, so it is a win/win for operators as well as customers."

Pennies per serving, True Lemon is made from natural ingredients and has no preservatives, sodium or gluten and has zero calories, zero grams sugar and zero carbohydrates. Its fresh-squeezed taste and ease of use make it "the better way to lemon" for many foodservice operators, the company said.

"We are very excited about new partnership with S&D Coffee," said Al Soricelli, CEO of True Citrus. "More and more foodservice operations are now using True Lemon in place of lemon wedges or lemon juice packets, and we are thrilled that a company with S&D's outstanding reputation for integrity, quality and excellent customer service sees the value of True Lemon for their customers."

S&D Coffee's route drivers will have True Lemon ready for sale in April, available in a shaker and sachet packets.

Baltimore-based True Citrus manufactures and distributes natural, cold-pressed and crystallized citrus products for retail and foodservice including its flagship products, True Lemon and True Lime. In addition to True Lemon, True Citrus offers True Lime, True Orange, True Lemon Lemonade, True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade, True Grapefruit and True Lemon Lemon Iced Tea.

Based in Concord, N.C., and privately held, S&D provides coffee, iced coffee, iced tea and juice to more than 80,000 commercial customers throughout the country through an extensive national network of approved distributors and a traditional route delivery network. In 2009, S&D integrated its new Food Innovation & Ingredients business, and is becoming a market leader in coffee, tea and botanical extracts.