Foodservice category news for the convenience store retail industry.

What coffee customers expect from you

Brought to you by Bunn-O-Matic. Coffee has come a long way over the years, especially in the convenience-store setting. Customers once expected to be hit with the smell of burnt coffee coming through the door. They’d pour themselves a Styrofoam cup of day-old Joe from a bulky pot and ingest it for...

New Technomic study reveals evolving consumer attitudes about retail food preferences

CHICAGO -- Canadian consumers are visiting convenience stores more often than they were just two years ago, and when they visit, they’re more likely to purchase prepared meals, snacks and beverages. What’s behind the growth? According to Technomic's new 2016 Canadian Convenience-Store Foodservice...

Boost profits and customer engagement by upping your coffee game

Brought to you by Core-Mark. Convenience-store operators have a tremendous opportunity, and it’s hiding in an often-neglected item: the humble cup of coffee. Consumers have become savvy coffee drinkers in recent years. They’re educated, and they’re particular about beans, brew strength and...

They’re among your biggest competitors, and they’re making big gains

Deal will strengthen company’s focus on fully cooked food products
Swiss Farms is pairing free coffee with any of its new breakfast sandwiches for $2.99.
Technology helps improve product mix, reduce waste
Distributor's successful artisan pizza program contributed to recognition.
Six tips to take your coffee bar to the next level

A look at how the chain menus and markets pastas overseas ahead of potential U.S. launch