E-Z on the Ice

ICEX to install Ice Island units in seven E-Z Mart Stores

TEXARKANA, Texas -- ICEX Holdings Ltd. Inc. has been contracted to install seven of the ICEX "Ice Island" proprietary ice production units in E-Z Mart Stores Inc.

The units will be installed in six E-Z Mart Convenience Stores located in the San Antonio area and in one additional E-Z Mart store the company's headquarters in Texarkana, Texas.

Daniel LeBlanc, president of ICEX, stated, "We are extremely pleased with the opportunity to install seven of our 'Ice Island' units in E-Z Mart stores. The units will undergo a production [image-nocss] testing at the seven E-Z Mart locations to supply the ice sales for the stores. The systems will allow E-Z Mart to exercise better control of their bagged ice inventory, eliminate the need for ice deliveries and allow for sales fulfillment during peak ice demand periods."

E-Z Mart Stores Inc. owns and operates a chain of 315 convenience stores throughout five statesOklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

ICEX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ultra Pure Water Technologies Inc. with headquarters located in Lafayette, La, and a manufacturing support division located in Phoenix. The company manufactures a proprietary ice production unit known as the "Ice Island" system. The system is an on-site ice production, bagging and storage unit. The patent-applied for technology totally automates production and packaging of ice products in a portable configuration installed at the customer's site.