First Look at Next Week's Weather: March 30-April 5

Spring-like warmth brings retail demand for seasonal items

Temperature map

BERWYN, Pa. -- Spring-like warmth throughout much of Eastern North America is expected to brings welcomed demand for seasonal retail items moving into April, according to projections by Planalytics, the Berwyn, Pa.-based business weather intelligence firm. Meanwhile, rain will help the drought in the West, and severe weather will threatens the Southeast.

For reference, next week last year the United States had its coldest fifth week of March since 2011, with below-normal precipitation and snowfall. This was also the week beginning with Easter Sunday.

Here's a look at what to expect this year:

  • Next week this year, a warm up for the Southern Plains, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will spike demand for spring items, such as barbecue grills, shorts and sports drinks.
  • Early in the week, moderate to strong severe-thunderstorm outbreaks in the Southeast will affect the area creating demand for rain related items. Flooding continues to be a threat for the region.
  • Moderate rain over Northern and Central California brings much needed relief on the drought affecting the area.
  • The Northern Plains remain colder than normal throughout the week, challenging demand for spring items.
  • The Southwest will continue to remain dry and mild throughout the week, although temperatures will trend colder than last year for most major markets.
  • Canada continues to experience temperatures below normal for most, but above last year in the East. The eastern coast of Canada is expected to receive precipitation most days next week.