Murphy Commits to Major Hurricane Relief Program

$5 million for community; extra month's pay for employees

CHALMETTE, La. -- W. Michael Hulse, president of Murphy Oil USA Inc., a subsidiary of Murphy Oil Corp., released a letter to the people of St. Bernard Parish, La., assuring them that Murphy would stand by them and help in the aftermath of the worst disaster in the community's history.

There is no doubt that Hurricane Katrina tremendously impacted St. Bernard Parish, but my travels in the parish and conversations with the brave people of the community have reassured me that it didn't damage our spirit or willingness to help each other," Hulse wrote. "[image-nocss] It is clear to me that the families and businesses of St. Bernard Parish intend to rebuild their lives and their community, and I want you to know that Murphy will help you with both."

Hulse's letter, which ran in full-page ads in local newspapers, outlined a number of specific initiatives Murphy has taken or will be undertaking and references a total of $5 million of donations the company will be making soon.

He said that as he drove through the community seeing one street after another of broken windows, twisted roofs, battered buildings and water-ravaged homes three things became obvious to him. "First, Katrina had not only devastated the community, it had also devastated lives. Second, we all owe a huge debt to the brave men and women who stood on the front lines and battled this terrible tragedy on that first day and remain there today slowly but surely regaining ground. Third, Murphy Oil needs to help our neighbors and make a major commitment to bringing St. Bernard Parish back to life."

In making good on that final commitment, Hulse confirmed that Murphy Oil USA will make the following contributions:

$2 million to St. Bernard Parish to help fund the relief efforts in the parish; $1 million to the St. Bernard Parish United Way; $1 million to the St. Bernard Parish Public School System; and $1 million to help local businesses re-open and get people back to work.

Hulse also recognized that some residents may have questions about whether their homes and property may have been affected by an oil leak caused by the storm, but said his understanding at the moment is that all final determinations about the safety and habitability and future of property in St. Bernard Parish have to be made by local, state and federal government agencies.

For Murphy Oil USA employees displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Hulse said that the company had provided all employees an extra month's pay to help them cover emergency expenses and plans to announce additional financial measures to help employees who are displaced from their homes until the plant is back up and running. He also said that the company will be providing employees with information on the progress at the refinery and plans for getting people back to work.