Shell Offers Fuelman Cardholders Pay-at-the-Pump Access

Cards now will be accepted at stations operated by MSOs

HOUSTON -- Shell said it will grant access to its proprietary payment processing network for customers who use the Fuelman Fleet Card, offering pay-at-the-pump convenience to more than 3,500 Shell-branded retail outlets currently participating in the Fuelman program.

As a result of the agreement, Fuelman cards now will be accepted at Shell stations operated by multi-site operators. Shell-branded retailers who elect to participate in the program will be offering an added convenience to more than one million active Fuelman cardholders.

The Fuelman card authorizes, controls and tracks fleet fueling and maintenance purchases at thousands of locations in the United States.

Shell's National Jobber Council identified Fuelman access as one of its top priorities, said Hugh Cooley, vice president and general manager of national wholesale for Shell. We listened to our wholesalers' concerns, and believe this is a good opportunity to help them enhance volume and attract a more loyal customer base. We're opening up our network to the Fuelman card to strengthen our commitment to helping our retailers and wholesalers develop their local fleet business.

Bernie Davis, Fuelman's national merchant director, said, Fuelman cardholders tend to be loyal customers at specific stations, and purchase more store items than the average customer. The combination of the Fuelman fleet card program with Shell's pay-at-the-pump convenience and its network of 13,000 gasoline stations provides fleet operators with an industry-leading solution to control fuel and maintenance costs while enhancing convenience to drivers and retailers.

While Shell Oil Products US will provide accessibility throughout its proprietary payment processing network, each location must enter into its own agreement with FleetCor to allow its customers to use the Fuelman card. All currently participating Shell-branded locations should obtain pay-at-the-pump access for Fuelman cards by the end of June.

The card is a product of FleetCor. Atlanta-based FleetCor is a provider of fleet card processing solutions serving more than 130,000 fleets and more than one million cardholders. FleetCor solutions are marketed directly and through its issuing partners under a variety of proprietary names including CFN, Fuelman and Mannatec.