Visa, Better ATM Services Debut ATM-Dispensed Visa Gift Cards

Three Arizona credit unions pilot program

SAN FRANCISCO & MESA, Ariz. -- Visa Inc. and Better ATM Services, a technology innovator in the ATM industry, have rolled out a program to dispense Visa Gift cards in addition to cash at existing ATMs, expanding the value and services delivered by ATMs.

An in-market pilot program is currently underway offering Visa Gift cards at walkup and drive-through ATMs in select locations throughout Arizona. Credit Union West, MariSol Federal Credit Union and Pinal County Federal Credit Union are participating in the first pilot programs, and have already begun offering their members this method to purchase Visa Gift cards.

"Our focus is on delivering value and convenience to our members who regularly purchase gift cards for special occasions," said Robert W. MacGregor, president and CEO of Credit Union West. "We're seeing gift cards become more popular as a way to give family and friends the opportunity to choose a gift they really want or need. Our relationship with Better ATM Services and Visa is a terrific way to meet our customer's needs, while increasing our line of value driven products and services."

With this introduction, ATM menu screens now include a "Purchase Visa Gift Card" option and prompt to designate the value to load on each card. Cards are available with no activation fee in $25 denominations during the pilot. The new ATM-dispensed Visa Gift card is made of a durable yet thinner material, which allows cards to easily pass through the cash mechanisms of ATMs.

Mesa Ariz.-based Better ATM Services developed the patented technology that enables the secure and convenient sale of prepaid cards through ATMs.

"We are working with ATM manufacturers, independent sales organizations and financial institutions to make ATM-dispensed gift cards a common offering at ATMs throughout the country," said Better ATM Services CEO Todd L. Nuttall.

"Our participation in this pilot with Better ATM Services and three Arizona credit unions is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting prepaid innovation and expanding access to Visa prepaid products; delivering value to our financial institution clients, consumers and merchants," said Hyung Choi, head of U.S. prepaid for Visa Inc.

Mesa, Ariz.-based Better ATM Services supplies patented technology that enables an ATM to dispense gift cards and other prepaid media like currency.

Visa is a global payments technology company based in San Francisco.