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Delivery service expanding smart locker program

ATLANTA -- UPS is expanding its smart locker program from nine locations in Chicago to 300 locations nationwide, with 7-Eleven's help. The UPS Access Point lockers are alternate delivery locations that are usually outside and accessible 24 hours a day at convenience stores and other locations. UPS...

Retail group calls for relief from ‘skyrocketing’ credit-card fees

WASHINGTON -- Calling for “real reform” of the credit-card interchange fee structure, the National Retail Federation (NRF) said it welcomed the recent federal court ruling to strike down the 2012 settlement of a class-action lawsuit over Visa and MasterCard card-swipe fees. The U.S. Court of...

U.S. court overturns 2012 class-action decision regarding interchange fees

NEW YORK -- In a decision that could lead to more litigation against the nation’s largest credit-card companies, a federal court of appeals overturned the class-action settlement involving retailers who sued Visa and MasterCard over high interchange fees. As reporteb in a McLane/ CSP Daily News...

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