C-store services news for the convenience store retail industry.

Total contributions, initiatives total more than $700,000

SANFORD, N.C. -- The Pantry Inc. summarized the support it has provided to date to employees and their communities in the areas that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. The total of incremental wages paid, bonuses, matching contributions, and a newly established Hurricane Relief Fund amounts to...

7-Eleven offers lower-cost, rechargeable calling cards

DALLAS -- This month, 7-Eleven Inc. has begun offering what it says are low flat-per-minute rates for 41 variations of domestic and international long-distance prepaid calling cards, including two that are rechargeable. IDT Telecom, Newark, N.J., is the provider of these integrated, low-cost...

Sunoco scrubs policy of $100 debit hold for gas purchases

PHILADELPHIA -- Sunoco Inc. has abruptly abandoned a controversial policy to freeze $100 in consumers' personal bank accounts each time they used a debit card to pay for gasoline, no matter how much fuel was actually purchased, reported the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Sunoco, which has 4,500 retail...

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$5 million for community; extra month's pay for employees.
Township vehicles break in new car washes
Ecount re-introduces Fuel Prepaid Visa Card
Attracting female customers requires consistency, commitment
A-B, Diageo, Enodis continue to contribute