Lost Candy Found

TV show's imaginary brand gets real

PHILADELPHIA -- The producers of the popular TV show Lost have figured out a new way to extend the branding, reported WPVI-TV.

They will be handing out Apollo chocolate bars to consumers in Harrisburg, Pa., on September 2 and Philadelphia on September 9.

They were distributed in New York, Seattle and Minneapolis this week, according to the Apollo website, http://apollocandy.com. The show uses fake websites and TV commercials to promote the show, about a group of airplane crash survivors on [image-nocss] a strange island.

The Apollo brand was made up for the show. The characters find the candy bars along with other foodstuffs in a secret bunker accessible through a mysterious hatch.

The new season of Lost premieres on Wednesday, October 4, at 9:00 Eastern/8:00 Central on ABC.