Snacks & Candy

Snacks and candy category news for the convenience store retail industry.
Natural snacks

Sales reached $16.3 billion in 2016

NEW YORK -- Led by jerky and other meat snacks , the snacking segment of the specialty-food market jumped 16% in 2016. Snacking represents 28% of the entire specialty-food market, with sales reaching $16.3 billion in 2016. Sales of specialty foods continue to grow as more consumers turn to the...

Eating healthy food

Millenials, Gen Zers drive demand for healthier, less-processed ingredients

ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Over the past few decades, warnings about the negative health effects of fat have become dietary canon. But that guidance may be starting to show its age, as consumers, particularly young ones, have demonstrated a taste for oils and fats that are healthy and less processed,...

beef jerky

This vibrant and innovation-rich category grew 3.5% last year

Wenzel's Farm sausage
Manufacturer of small-batch meat snacks acquires compatible snack brand .
Mars HQ
Investment will result in 250 new jobs across the country
Online retailer invites suppliers to blow up traditional packaged-goods model
Salty snacks
BBQ, brown sugar, coconut and curry ranked high in consumer preference
Healthy Snacks

Which products are driving sales?

gummy bears
German gummy manufacturer will open its first North American candy factory
Twenty percent of products reformulated in 2016