FDA Looks to Continue Stakeholder Meetings

Agency issues notice about ability to support second round

Thomas A. Briant, NATO Executive Director

This year, the FDA will have held eight "stakeholder meetings" with various companies and organizations that have an interest in the agency's tobacco regulations. One of these eight stakeholder meetings was held on August 24, 2011, for retailers and wholesalers in Dallas. Nine representatives and members from NATO participated in that meeting, which included discussions of retail topics such as retail clerk training, FDA compliance inspections and warning letters sent to retailers for violations of the FDA regulations.

Last week, the FDA issued a notice requesting interested parties, including individuals, academic institutions, businesses or other public or private agencies to submit information on their ability to support andexecute the second round of stakeholder meetings (both nationally and locally) --on issues in tobacco regulation, as well as additional meetings with key stakeholders for high level, controversial and scientifically challenging issues.

The FDA notice states that facilitating the stakeholder meetings requires the services of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in issue resolution and mediation, as well as conferencefacilitation and who can work to achieve stakeholder buy in of the important issues regarding product regulation.