NATO Show Hosts Seven of Top Ten Tobacco Retailers

Meeting features exhibits, educational sessions, more

MINNEAPOLIS --The 2012 NATO Show confirms attendance of 70% of this year's Tobacco Outlet Business's Top 10 by store count. Smoker Friendly International, Tobacco Central, Tobacco Superstores and Discount Smoke Shops lead the pack--all confirmed attendees for the NATO Show. NATO's 11th Anniversary & Trade Show is to be held April 24-26, 2012, at the Paris, Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas.

"The NATO Show is the best tobacco trade show, and we never miss it," said Terry Gallagher Jr., president of Boulder, Colo.-based Smoker Friendly International, No. 1 on the Top 10 list.

Smoker Friendly has attended the NATO Show every year. Smoker Friendly retailers will be attending the NATO Show in addition to exhibiting programs, products, and services to other attendees.

Gallagher added, "Whether it is legislative issues that threaten our very existence or the latest products, systems, processes and technology that improve our profitability, NATO is our go-to source. NATO is the primary organization we participate in and the NATO Show is the primary trade event we support and attend."

Steve Sandman, NATO's Trade Show Committee chairman, said that he is eager to host this elite retailer group, in addition to all of the tobacco retailers attending this year's show.

"We appreciate that these stores recognize the quality and excellence provided at the annual NATO Show. I encourage those who haven't checked out this year's trade show lineup to do so, and join us for exclusive show deals and relevant, industry-related content," said Sandman. "What's more, with exhibit sales tracking 25% above last year, more exhibitors means more deals, which means more profit for retailers and wholesalers."

In addition to the trade show, the meeting features a host of outstanding educational sessions focusing on everything that tobacco retailers need to not only survive, but to thrive in a difficult sales and regulatory environment. Proceeds from the show go to support NATO's legislative efforts to further the tobacco industry.

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NATO is the National Association of Tobacco Outlets, a national retail trade association that focuses exclusively on local, state and federal tobacco legislative issues and leads the fight for all tobacco interests in the United States.