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Man pumping gas

Pump price falls 7 cents; more to come

CAMARILLO, Calif. -- The flooding of refining facilities, stoppage of production of petroleum product, and product dislocation wrought by hurricanes Harvey and Irma is now quickly being rectified, and gasoline-price cutting is taking place. The national average retail price of regular-grade...

Credit card skimmer

Why locks—not security tape—will keep your pumps and customers safe

WEST NEWTON, Mass. -- As a security consultant, I can’t help looking for security weaknesses, especially when those weaknesses might threaten my own security. I am often surprised by the weak and flimsy attempts to protect gas dispensers from credit-card skimming devices. Often, there is just a low...

Fuels pumps

From containment systems to manhole covers, newer materials stop water intrusion

CINCINNATI -- Water’s innate ability to work its way into every stray crack and crevice, oftentimes with harmful effects, can make life extremely difficult. Just ask any operator of a retail-fueling operation. Water intrusion is a constant threat to underground storage tanks (USTs) and, if...


Royal Farms, Sheetz, Wawa and others host automaker's Supercharger sites

Fuel pumps
While outages continue, more Florida gas stations back in business .
Lady pumping gas
Pump price leaps 30 cents .
Hurricane Irma

Record-breaking storm triggers demand surge ahead of landfall


How increasing fuel diversity can grow retailers’ margin opportunity 

Fuel pumps
As talk of tax reform grows, operators may have limited time to see these savings .
Hurricane Harvey
Gasoline supply is ample, prices are meek .